We transform Data in Bookings

We are experts in analytics and optimization. We use the most advanced tools available in the market, to obtain knowledge about the users and how they behave on our site. Thanks to the information gathered and its correct analysis, we can optimize the conversion rate throughout the booking process and increase the profitability of each visit to the site.

Digital Analytics

We install the most advanced measurement tools, extract high value information and optimize the conversion process to improve the margin per user.

A / B and Multivariate Test

We make tests continuously to optimize the conversion ratie of both the site and the booking process in order to transform the largest number of users into customers.

Knowledge and data applied to sales

Knowledge is acquired through data analysis, which allows us to have useful and valuable information and be able to implement successful strategies, optimize them over time and achieve excellent results for our clients.

Digital Analytics

In HOTEL’S PERFORMANCE we know that in order to make decisions, implement optimal solutions and achieve excellent results, it is necessary to have full knowledge of a business. We are specialists in analyzing data for the hotel industry and we rely on the most advanced measurement tools available in the market. We do not just analyze data from different channels, markets, sources, etc., but we cross all the information that we obtain in a certain moment and we contrast it with the data of the previous months and years to obtain the real data analyzed from multiple perspectives.

  • Implementation of advanced measurement tools
  • Analysis starting point data
  • Measurement methodology design
  • Measurement solution implementation
  • Customer Life Cycle Analysis

A / B and Multivariate Test

We achieve innovation and progress only through our experiments that have as main objectives to increase direct sales through the site of our customers and to improve the user experience. We perform A / B and Multivariate Tests throughout the collaboration, because we consider it is the optimal way to acquire knowledge about the behavior, needs and preferences of customers and potentials and offer them the appropriate solutions in an efficient way.

  • Implementation of advanced test tools
  • Design of solutions to test
  • Running the A / B or Multivariate Test
  • Report test results and strategic recommendations
  • Implementation of the solution that obtained better results

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