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Each establishment / chain is different and has its own needs. In Hotel’s Performance we recommend and implement the most suitable booking engine in each case, depending on its functionalities, conversion rate, connectivity with the channel manager, costs, ROI, etc.

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The latest technologies, an exceptional design, an easy and safe booking process are the keys to transform visits in bookings.

We know the 80 best Booking Engines worldwide

At Hotel’s Performance we know that choosing a booking engine for a hotel / chain is a very important decision and at the same time complex due to the wide variety of alternatives available in the market. We have a Benchmark with the 80 best booking engines worldwide, which we have already tested, and we help you save time and resources in finding the optimal booking engine for your hotel / chain.

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We know that changing the booking engine or implementing one for the first time is a very complex decision and has a major impact on the pro of a hotel / chain. The wide variety of booking engines available in the market and the multitude of functionalities of each can make the selection process very long and at the same time, due to lack of time, make decisions without knowing all the alternatives.

At Hotel’s Performance we have a Benchmark of 80 best booking engines worldwide, which we have already tested. We analyze the specific needs of your hotel / chain at the level of rate plans, room types, types of offers, packages of activities, needs for agencies, typologies of users with access to the engine, etc. And we advise you on the booking engine most suitable for your hotel / chain based on its functionalities, conversion rate, connectivity with the channel manager, prices, etc.


After analyzing the specific needs of your hotel / chain, we make a preliminary selection of the booking engines that best suit your needs. Our team will give you detailed information about the importance of each of the characteristics of the booking engines, so that you can evaluate them properly, present the advantages and disadvantages of each and you will see an online demo that will allow you to know the operation of both front and back office. We will jointly select the booking engine most suitable for your hotel / chain and if necessary we will test several booking engines.

We perform the test in a real environment to measure which of the finalist engines offers the best results depending on several variables: conversion rate, average ticket, etc. In this way, the decision to implement a booking engine in concrete can be taken based on reliable and empirical data, which guarantee us the best results in a decision that has a significant impact on the profitability of a hotel / chain.

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Hotel’s Performance accompanies you in the whole process and once the booking engine is selected, we will take care of its configuration or in the case of a test with several booking engines, the configuration of the finalist booking engines, as well as the integration in the site.

The correct configuration and implementation on the website of the booking engine allows us to take full advantage of all the features of the tool and in this way enhance direct bookings without losing any opportunity.

Our team will hold training sessions with the people in the relevant department of your team, involved in the project, to teach the operation of the booking engine.


A booking engine does not get excellent results by itself. In order to fulfill the objectives for which it has been implemented, its continued optimization is necessary.

In Hotel’s Performance we perform Tests (A / B and multi-variate) and Analysis during the entire period of the collaboration, in order to increase the conversion rate, the average ticket, the user experience, through the continuous improvement of the booking process.

We use and install the most advanced technological tools that provide us valuable information that help us measure the variables with greater influence in the booking process, thus detecting areas with greater potential for improvement when re-locating the different elements and calls to the action.

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Characteristics of Booking Engines

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We are aware that each hotel / chain has specific complex needs and we have therefore developed two simple options. The Pro option includes, unlike the Standard option, the performance of a A / B or Multivariate Test between several booking engines. We recommend choosing the Pro option for hotel chains and hotels with more than 170 rooms.


Data collection


Booking Engine Selection




Data collection


Several Booking Engines Test




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