SEO Optimization

SEO Optimization

The search engines are the main generator of traffic and bookings, we take care of improving the positioning of your web in the organic results

SEM Campaigns

SEM Campaigns

Search sponsored links campaigns allow us to have visibility for keywords with high conversion potential

Meta Search

Meta Search

The meta-searchers, competitors of the OTA’s, allow to direct to a great volume of visitors interested in booking on our site


Programmatic Mk

The retargeting together with the programmatic marketing and the RTB allow us to reach effectively those people who have shown interest in our hotel.



Affiliates are an excellent channel to increase online bookings quickly and almost without any risk

Social networks

Social networks

We manage the social networks and the opinions of your hotel or train your team so that you can do it directly

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Emailing is an excellent customer loyalty channel; we take care of the strategy, management, design, delivery and optimization of your newsletters

RRPP Online


Online public relations and actions with influencers will help increase exponentially the notoriety and visibility of your establishment



An excellent booking engine and a perfect web by itself are not enough to reduce your dependence on OTAs, it is necessary to attract qualified visitors to the site and the way to do it is through results-oriented campaigns. Hotel’s Performance team is responsible for advising you on the most appropriate channels and strategies, as well as implementing the campaigns in the different media and optimizing them over time. In this way you can centralize all your online marketing actions in a single provider that guarantees you excellent results and an optimal service.


The search engines are the main channel to generate qualified traffic to the site and bookings, so having an adequate positioning is fundamental in the communication strategy of a Hotel / Chain. Our team of experts will be responsible for:

  • SEO Audit and Strategy – We examine the current situation of the site to detect all those aspects of the site that need to be optimized and which keywords should be worked for each language / market
  • Continuous Optimization – Depending on the defined strategy, we will work on the continuous optimization of the positioning both on the hotel website and the creation of content (on-page), as well as externally (off-page)
  • Monitoring and Analysis – Periodically we perform an evolutionary analysis of the positioning, traffic and conversions obtained through search engine traffic, draw conclusions and apply the necessary corrections and improvements.


The sponsored links in search engines allow to obtain great visibility and qualified traffic to the site immediately; in Hotel’s Performance we have certified specialists who will be in charge of the management of Google campaigns and in other search engines. We also help you to protect the brand and to eliminate ads of third parties.

  • Flexible investment
  • Excellent profitability
  • Segmentation by markets / languages
  • Reduced costs
  • Possibility of payment by results
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Price comparators are an excellent channel to gain visibility and increase direct bookings on the web, we will advise you on the most appropriate strategy and if necessary we take care of implementing and optimizing your meta-searcher campaigns.

  • Connection with the main meta-search engines
  • High visibility
  • Reduced costs
  • Cost effectiveness


The retargeting allows us to reconnect with users who have visited our site and have shown interest in booking, but have not finalized the reservation. Through the cookies we will be able to identify those users with high conversion potential and re-impact them in the hours / days following their visit, thanks to the programmatic marketing we can also customize the message to each user based on the dates of search, , destination, etc, making messages more effective.

  • High efficiency
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Personalization
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Affiliate marketing allows us to easily and efficiently expand our business network. Affiliated sites around the world that are interested can join our network and are responsible for advertising our establishments in exchange for a commission when a user referred by them completes a booking. This commission will always be lower than the OTA’s and tour operators, which will increase the margin and improve profitability.

  • Payment for results
  • No management costs
  • Market Segmentation
  • Cost effectiveness


They are an excellent communication channel for hotels, among other benefits:

  • They maintain the interest of potential customers
  • Help improve SEO positioning
  • They generate notoriety and allow us to reach new clients
  • Qualified traffic to the site

That´s why it is very important: know which networks may be relevant to our audience, define an appropriate value proposition to our followers, be constants over time and always offer a quick response to the questions and suggestions raised by the followers. Our team is in charge of the integral management of the profiles of your clients or only of advising and training your responsible team for their management

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The newsletters and emailings are an excellent channel of relation both with customers and with potentials for their reduced costs and effectiveness. Especially with clients is an excellent relationship channel to communicate novelties, exclusive offers if they repeat visits or recommend us, etc. Our team will be in charge of advising you when establishing a strategy for generating a database, debugging it, as well as designing, sending, analyzing and optimizing each newsletter so that it can become one of the best selling tools.

  • Loyalty tool
  • Reduced costs
  • Effectiveness


The actions of online public relations and with opinion leaders allow us to obtain great visibility and notoriety among our potential public, and also contribute great value to improve the positioning in the organic results of the search engines (SEO) by generating external quality links that point to our site, so it is highly recommended to include this type of actions in the annual strategy.

  • Great Visibility and Notoriety
  • Increased booking intent
  • SEO Positioning Improvement

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